Sunday, September 20, 2009

Utah State Fair Field Trip

Waiting for our turn to ride the ponies.

Jessie, Kristine's daughter, and granddaughter Taylee came along.

Washing hands time- two at once!
This clown made us balloons.

This magic man did lots of tricks.

These bears could ride scooters, make baskets, climb ladders and push carts!

Preschool Fun In September

Look Mom and Dad, miracles really do happen!

Another princess!

Four Princesses

A New Firefighter

Two cute summer girls

Cody likes to dress up in soccor clothes!

Unicorns and Dragons are a great way to get around!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New VIP's

We have five VIP's now! The first week of preschool Anali De La Torre , Connor and Peyton McHenry came to preschool together. Damaris, Analis's mother likes to come and help!
The next week McKayla Erb and CodyMaag joined our group of friends!