Friday, August 30, 2013

Makayla has glasses. Doesn't she look great?

A boiled cleaned lobster tail is a great thing to explore.

The tail can move  and the lobster has how many little legs?

Watching the sea animals go down the stream.

Makayla is the only one who got her hair wet.

These are the sea animals that went down the stream.

A praying mantis went on Ms. Kristine's neck.  She took the picture.

The mantis  is walking on Savanna.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sardines anyone? Five Little Mermaids

Three mermaids did not want to try sardines.

Ava says they look dirty.

Ms.  Kristine is eating the sardines with her scrambled eggs!

Fun in the sand box.  Feeling sea shells is great.

Isn't Marlee cute?

Ruby works hard to thread her mermaid necklace.

Pepper takes a  long time but loves it!

What happened to Ava's hand?

Finished necklace.

Look how long the mermaid necklace is!

Lots of beautiful colors to choose from.

Ava is wearing a mermaid shirt and her mermaid necklace.

Ruby said she would make a mermaid necklace for her mother.

Marlee wore a mermiad costume to school.

Five Little Mermaids.  They got their nails polished, lotion on their hands and perfume too.  Now they are ready for the ball.

She's been making funny faces lately.

Now we are having the Mermaid Seaweed Tea party.

We get to pour water into the china.

The sea horses will take us to the Mermaid Ball

Off we swim to the Ball.  Don't we look BEAUTIFUL?

We are dancing to a song that Ariel sings.

Ask your child what color their seahorse was.

The sea horses wait until the ball is over to bring their girl home.

What a fun fun party.  Mom and Dad don't make a big deal about the tu-tu. Does anyone know how to get videos working on the blog?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mikennon's last day and an ocean in a bottle

He brought ice cream to share.

Putting ocean items in the bottle

Mikennon and mom- Sierra

Good bye   We will miss you!