Monday, May 17, 2010

The Petting Zoo at Gardner Village

Two kids butting heads

We couldn't save the paper. Hope it tasted good!

This goat took a paper from Kristine's bag and started eating it.

Petting a chicken

A real llama

Up close and personal with the pigs

A goat with a beard

A huge pig

A lamb kisses Nathanael

A lamb kisses Nathanael

Fun with the pigs

Up close and personal

Have you seen the muffin man?

Mixing the muffins

Everyone gets to help

Homemade muffins with Natalie Jensen (Nathanael's Mom)

Washing the baby

Playdough fun

Rachel painting

Wagon at Wheeler Farm

Connor and Anali in tree house

Noah & Cody on a tractor

Pigs at wheeler Farm

Here is the dump site. We had so much fun watching and running

We ran on the sidewalk to where the crane was going. Could we get there before the crane?

The crane would turn around & take the cement to a spot and dump it.

Taking advantage of a teaching moment