Friday, May 17, 2013

We went to an ice skating show, the fitness center and a park

Ruby is doping break dancing.

New part of the fitness center.

Happy Maddy!

Proud Ruby.

Ruby's sister Cheyenne.


Fun at the park.

I is for inventions!

Makayla brought a Dora Castle she made.

Thiago brought a light up dinosaur from the dinosaur park in Ogden.

Ava brought a fairy.

Mikennon brought chalk.

Makayla made binoculars.

Tad made a spy house.

Thiago made a house for his dinosaur.

Ava made a house for her fairy.

Ruby made a bad guy.  Unfortunately  she moved during the photo.

Mikennon made a robot.

Ava made a necklace money holder.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Popcorn popping...

Adolfo invented a "bird"

Pink popcorn balls!

These popcorn balls are great!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One of our Mothers has really worked hard Cat - Ava's mother.

Cat is a nationally qualified bikini competitor!

Cat has competed in 3 competitions.  She has won 2nd, 3rd and a 4th place trophy!

She is going  to another competition in June.  I asked her to send me some photos.  They are amazing.  If you want to see them , they are on my email!

Fun with masks and tails.

Who is this?

Can you take me home?

A time to dance.