Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter Party

Coloring the Castle

Decorating the Easter buckets

What's in the egg? game

A sorting game  What comes out of a egg or is born alive?

Frosting cookies is a great self help skill!

Who could this silly guy be?

Who is the bucket kid?

What's up with the buckets?

Makayla is all ready to hide her candy.

Hiding and finding the items children brought.

This mystery guest is Phillip- Ms. Brenda's son!

These two went out together to hide their treats.

We had a lot of fun stuff.

Who said Sponge Bob could come to our Easter Party?

Teo friends checking out the loot.

We missed Mikennon- He was on vacation.

Aren't these frosting colors beautiful?

These girls colored the castle a lot!


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