Monday, July 8, 2013

Katia's fairy and pirate birthday party

Katia has a little sister named Sasha.  She was a white fairy.

The birthday crowd

Katia's mom does face painting.

Look at that fairy face!

The white fairy is helping mom.

Painting our treasure boxes.

What a nice fairy design!

Look at my spider web.

Maddy has a spider web on her arm.

Doesn't  Thiago look scary?

Look at this wonderful fruit platter that Katia has for her party!

This cake is sooo tasty.  She had one like this last year too.  It has no preservatives in it.

I have a little fairy... or I have a little pirate...

I have a little fairy and she won't tickle you...

I have a mean pirate and he won't hurt you or you...

Here is some of the treasure.

We went on a treasure hunt.  Ava Mae found one of the clues.

In the end, the treasures were found in the sand box.

The treasure box has a ring pop and gold in it!

They found their treasure boxes filled!

The birthday fairy found hers!

Time for presents.

Birthday fiary with her ring pop.

Mikennon gives his great gift.

Now Katia is sitting on the princess chair.

There is that delux  fruit cake!

Blowing out the candle.

So much fruit to choose from...

Sitting on her new chair.

Swim time.

Fun in the pool.

Katia and her mom.

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