Sunday, September 15, 2013

A fun filled trip to the Utah State Fair

Ms. Kristine's grandson, Caden also came with us

Lila is our substitute, as well as Ms. Kristine's daughter-in-law.  She married my cowboy son.

Ready to begin our "Little Hands on the Farm Adventure!

Everyone gets a turn to milk the cow.

Every time we go to a new station, we put an item in our basket.

Let's plant a seed.

The seed magically grew so fast!

Time to fill our tractor with gas.

Let's visit the sheep to take care of it.

This sheep has a very well taken care of behind!

The chicken coop complete with sounds!

The children got money for the items in their basket.

Time to buy what was chosen.  Ava picked an apple and ate it all!

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