Saturday, October 5, 2013


Caden takes the circus tickets.

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth 

Maddy the Mean Tiger

Makayla the happy one eared cheetah

Savanna  the playful girafe

Pepper the beautiful lion

Marlee the cute monkey

Ruby the scary lion

Ava the cute clown bear

Playful fun before the show.

More friends join the circle.

These circus animals are "West Valley's Most Wanted"!

Ben the brave elephant

Ms. Kristine the Ringmaster- she keeps an eye out for Bubois!

Introduction of each Madagascar cast member

Each circus cast member gets to shine!

Each circus animal dances  on her/his own as they are introduced!

Cast members wait til everyone has a turn to shine.

Brave Biker

Silly Scooter

Wiggle Waggle car

Song entitled, "We no speak Americano"

West Valley's most wanted ride vehincles a figure 8 routine in the air!

The performance was spectacular!

Terrific Animal Tumblers

Makayla's Star Solo Performance entitled "Fur Power"



Leaping through the Hoop of Fire!

The music is called, Game on"

Music from
Afro Circus 3

Brilliant Break Dancing Performance

Lots of great animal action and fun

The cast members loved break dancing to the music " Wannabe"

No one has seen the evil Dubois.  

Jugglers and bouncers

Let's move like fireworks!

Circus members perform to 'Firework'

Shooting from a cannonball - fireworks

The joy and excitement was contagious!

We 'own the night" and dance as fireworks.

Congo line for the finale "I like to move it it"

We are Madasgar's Afro Circus - West Valleys Greatest Show on Earth! 

Good bye til next year!   We are free circus animals.  DuBois is gone!

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