Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Preschool fun on Wednesday, December 4th

Ava loves to dress up.

Friends look at library books all the time!

Friends help each other!

Tracing and finger painting bells. 

Friends can choose the colors they want for their Christmas Bells.

I don't like the word work.  It sounds like drudgery.

I prefer the word, "Creation Station"  Pepper is in her Creation Station!

The Art Center is very popular.

We are using musical instruments to 'Jingle Bells' and dancing around.

Ruby loves to be the mailman!

These three friends made this castle!

A puppet show is just what they need, the children decided!

The children are in their "Creation Station".  Do you like that word?

The children put their chairs in a row to see each other's puppets shows.

Everyone gets a chance to do the puppet show.

Fun in the snow!  The weather was sunny and pretty warm!

Kind of hard to use the wiggle cars in the snow!

The bells have been traced, painted and cut all my themselves.  i am big on art projects where the children create  what they want.

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