Saturday, January 9, 2016

Santa Pictures here!

Katia was the first one to sit on his lap!

Notice Brooke is watching... Harley is watching from the family room.

Pepper made a card for Santa.

Santa always says, "Well I will see what I can do." when children let him know what they want.

Traysen came up to get the candy cane and pen from Santa but not sit on his lap.

Surprise the youngest child came up and sat on his lap!  Go figure!

Santa sang songs with the children.  I have two videos to put on. Need help with that.

Brooke and William are deciding if they will go see Santa.  Brooke gets a gift but chooses not to sit on his lap.

Two Christmas cards for Santa that got left behind.

No one is too big to sit on Santa's lap- well maybe...
Some of the friends waiting for Santa to come!

My favorite Christmas book as a child.

Video we watched.

William really wanted to look inside.
Finally Harley came...

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